Brannan Cottage Inn


Guests Rave: A Few Kind Words

We are happily open and welcoming visitors from all over the world.* Our hospitality staff is having a blast introducing guests to our favorite secret haunts, and telling stories about the rich history of our beautiful 154 year old inn. We’re also gratified to hear what our first crop of guests has to say about our newly refreshed little piece of Calistoga history:

“Really enjoyed staying with you and wish we could have stayed longer. The Inn is gorgeous (beautifully and lovingly restored) and the staff could not have been more helpful.” Vicki & Stephen, England (pictured)

“We definitely plan on returning here on our next visit back to Napa Valley. The bed was sooo comfortable! All of the restaurants and spa recommendations were great! We were impressed with the new renovations on the property and would recommend Brannan Cottage Inn to our friends and family.” Ann L., Arlington, VA

“We had a wonderful time, the accommodations were perfect! We loved the little balcony and extra room in the Deluxe King room. And the beds were some of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in! Thanks again for all of the hospitality!” Danielle E., St. Paul, MN

“We loved the suggestions and commitment to setting us up for exclusive wine tastings, spa treatments, hiking trails, lunch….whatever we desired could be arranged! Will we stay again and recommend to friends and family? Absolutely! We’re already wishing for another night. Thank you Eden for your dedication to making a stay at Brannan Cottage Inn a perfect stay!” Kristin W., Sonoma, CA

“We loved Brannan Cottage Inn and look forward to seeing you again next year!” Debra T., Tampa, FL

Among other adventures, our guests have:

  • had the quintessential Calistoga breakfast at Cafe Sarafornia and savored brunch on the patio at Calistoga Kitchen
  • climbed Mt. St. Helena at dawn, biked all over northern Napa Valley, and run in the Ragnar Relay
  • made 700 new friends at Calistoga Harvest Table
  • explored the vineyards and caves of Jericho Canyon
  • gotten muddy while relaxing at Baths at Roman Spa
  • toured artist Carlo Marchiori’s gorgeous Villa Catoga
  • soared over the Geyser in a Calistoga Balloon
  • sampled microbrews while rubbing elbows with locals at Calistoga Inn
  • taken selfies with Bunny Foo Foo at HALL Vineyards
  • expanded their wine knowledge with the somm goddesses at Domaine Napa Valley
  • and/or… taken a nap on their supremely comfortable bed.

More fun to come! We hope to see you soon for Flavor! Napa Valley, Winter in the Wineries… or just a midweek escape.

* In our first month, we welcomed visitors from California, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, Australia, Costa Rica and England.

Earthquake Update: Historic Inn Unaffected

The 6.0 Napa earthquake certainly woke up Calistoga, along with all of Napa Valley and surrounding areas, in an unforgettable way this morning. Our thoughts are with everyone in our community, particularly in Napa and American Canyon, who’ve been profoundly affected by this event.

Here in Calistoga, 30 miles north of the quake’s epicenter, we were shaken up but thankfully unaffected. The 1860 Brannan Cottage Inn, which will reopen Friday August 29 as planned for its preview following a major renovation and modernization, came through the temblor without so much as a scratch, knock wood. Our sister property a quarter mile away, Comfort Inn Calistoga, was equally lucky and is open for business as usual. Downtown Calistoga luckily shows no signs of impact from the quake.

The news coverage is dramatic and while in some specific areas there was significant damage, it doesn’t reflect much of the Valley. We encourage anyone who has plans to travel to Napa Valley this upcoming holiday weekend to come on ahead. This resilient community is famous not only for its hospitality but its ability to pull together in challenging times, both to support each other and make sure our visitors feel welcome and cared for. We can say with confidence that no matter where you’re staying or going, you’ll have a spectacular time in Napa Valley.

We look forward to seeing you here in Calistoga very soon.

The Renovation

The historic restoration and modernization of the Brannan Cottage Inn took place from February – August 2014. Here are just some of the elements of this major undertaking, green/luxury upgrade and labor of love.

  • Energy efficiency was built into both buildings through floor, wall and ceiling insulation retrofitted to modern building codes including 2010 California State Historic Building codes, Cal Green standards & Title 24 compliance
  • Guest rooms use all-LED lights for maximum energy efficiency; room with all lights on use only 120 watts of electricity
  • Both buildings were modernized with soundproofing, hardwired and wireless internet, and electronic room controls for lighting, heating & cooling
  • Over 30 builders, carpenters, electricians, painters, craftspeople and gardeners, in addition to interior designer, owner/proprietor, general manager and construction foremen worked on the renovation over 6 months

1860 Original Brannan Cottage Inn Italianate Victorian building

  • Original redwood siding was repainted and preserved; damaged siding was rebuilt by hand
  • 7  foot high, 154 year old double hung windows at front of building were restored and repainted; due to their delicacy, they are inoperable
  • For historical accuracy, windows could not be replaced with more efficient insulated glass
  • Vinyl casings on side windows from previous renovation were replaced by handmade wood double hung single pane windows as close as possible to original design
  • 300 year old 65’ tall Siberian Elm tree built into the porch and roof needed TLC from local arborist to restore her to her present glory; tree responded immediately after first “beauty treatment” injection
  • Tree’s roots were damaging the building’s foundation, which was re-engineered to protect the tree’s health
  • Bathrooms’ new marble and tile work was done by hand; new exposed plumbing fixtures follow Victorian style
  • California State Historical Office, Napa County Landmarks and City of Calistoga Planning & Building Department, plus Calistoga’s Sharpsteen Museum, were all instrumental in the renovation process

Brannan House

  • Building added to property in 1950s has been completely rebuilt with double glazed windows with acoustic rated glass for sound mitigation using latest soundproofing  technology
  • Walls were taken down to enlarge guest rooms; Dutch doors were added; private deck was built on to Deluxe King room
  • Original foundation, which was above grade, completely rebuilt to current seismic codes
  • Original knob and tube wiring has been rewired to modern standards to reduce fire risk
  • Bathrooms’ new marble and tile work was done by hand; both rooms’ decor are more contemporary in style than Historic rooms

Grounds & Garden

  • Brick pathways in garden & patio areas were widened to reduce lawn area for water conservation
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping was planted for minimal water use
  • All-LED lights are used for maximum energy efficiency for property and garden lighting