The Renovation

The historic restoration and modernization of the Brannan Cottage Inn took place from February – August 2014. Here are just some of the elements of this major undertaking, green/luxury upgrade and labor of love.

  • Energy efficiency was built into both buildings through floor, wall and ceiling insulation retrofitted to modern building codes including 2010 California State Historic Building codes, Cal Green standards & Title 24 compliance
  • Guest rooms use all-LED lights for maximum energy efficiency; room with all lights on use only 120 watts of electricity
  • Both buildings were modernized with soundproofing, hardwired and wireless internet, and electronic room controls for lighting, heating & cooling
  • Over 30 builders, carpenters, electricians, painters, craftspeople and gardeners, in addition to interior designer, owner/proprietor, general manager and construction foremen worked on the renovation over 6 months

1860 Original Brannan Cottage Inn Italianate Victorian building

  • Original redwood siding was repainted and preserved; damaged siding was rebuilt by hand
  • 7  foot high, 154 year old double hung windows at front of building were restored and repainted; due to their delicacy, they are inoperable
  • For historical accuracy, windows could not be replaced with more efficient insulated glass
  • Vinyl casings on side windows from previous renovation were replaced by handmade wood double hung single pane windows as close as possible to original design
  • 300 year old 65’ tall Siberian Elm tree built into the porch and roof needed TLC from local arborist to restore her to her present glory; tree responded immediately after first “beauty treatment” injection
  • Tree’s roots were damaging the building’s foundation, which was re-engineered to protect the tree’s health
  • Bathrooms’ new marble and tile work was done by hand; new exposed plumbing fixtures follow Victorian style
  • California State Historical Office, Napa County Landmarks and City of Calistoga Planning & Building Department, plus Calistoga’s Sharpsteen Museum, were all instrumental in the renovation process

Brannan House

  • Building added to property in 1950s has been completely rebuilt with double glazed windows with acoustic rated glass for sound mitigation using latest soundproofing  technology
  • Walls were taken down to enlarge guest rooms; Dutch doors were added; private deck was built on to Deluxe King room
  • Original foundation, which was above grade, completely rebuilt to current seismic codes
  • Original knob and tube wiring has been rewired to modern standards to reduce fire risk
  • Bathrooms’ new marble and tile work was done by hand; both rooms’ decor are more contemporary in style than Historic rooms

Grounds & Garden

  • Brick pathways in garden & patio areas were widened to reduce lawn area for water conservation
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping was planted for minimal water use
  • All-LED lights are used for maximum energy efficiency for property and garden lighting


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