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In The News: Our Wallpaper Style in Gallery Magazine

Gallery Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue

Off the Walls

We visit far-flung places – and even some closer to home – for many reasons: to learn, rest, escape, indulge. Of course, the hotels we stay in give us access to some great destinations. And often they’re much more than places to rest our heads. They provide oodles of design ideas, not the least of which are fun wallcovers. Here, some examples from our travels…
By Rita Guarma

Hotel: Brannan Cottage Inn
Location: Napa Valley, California
Room: The Historic King Room
Interior Designer: Staci Giovino
Wallpaper Maker: Bradbury & Bradbury
The wallpaper: The leaf pattern of the tropical theme Oasis handmade wallpaper is reminiscent of Art Deco design. This wallcovering is found in six different colors throughout the historic inn.

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Weekend in Calistoga: Hotels, Spas and Wineries

Nestled in the iconic wine county of northern California, just a little further north of Napa, is the quaint town of Calistoga. The town was originally made famous by the natural hot springs and volcanic mud baths, where locals and vacationers alike would indulge in these relaxing and therapeutic natural resources. However, since that time, Calistoga has continued to grow as a premium travel destination in northern California. Now, more than just hot mud, Calistoga has a number of world class wineries and has well and truly made its mark on the wine industry over the years.

If you’re looking for a break, or simply want to pamper yourself for a weekend away, Calistoga is the place to visit in the Napa Valley. Offering so much more than just a dip in hot volcanic mud, Calistoga is the perfect spot to spend a weekend exploring wineries with friends, indulging in some excellent restaurants or getting away for a romantic weekend.

We cover everything in this Calistoga travel guide, from where to stay and eat, to the best mud baths and wineries for your perfect trip away.

calistoga travel guide

Where to Stay in Calistoga

There is no shortage of excellent places to stay in Calistoga, but if you really want to find the perfect combination of relaxation, comfort and history, then the Brannan Cottage Inn is hands down the best choice in Calistoga. This charming bed and breakfast is operated out of an original Victorian cottage, which was actually built by Calistoga founder Sam Brannan back in the 1860s. It’s one of the first buildings in Calistoga to be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places for its connection to the founding of Calistoga, and the restoration and preservation efforts have ensured it upholds its historical charm.

Walking through the old rooms inside the main building feels kind of like visiting a museum, with old black and white photos adorning the walls and a very classic piano sitting in the entertaining area. The attention to detail on all the fixtures and fittings are impeccable, which give the Brannan Cottage Inn a nostalgic nod to its early days.

brannan inn cottage calistoga

There are 6 rooms available, each intricately unique and special in their own way, from the colorful wallpaper and tile work, to the individual decorations and room arrangement. Any one of these rooms would be a pleasure to stay in, but by far the most luxurious room is the Deluxe King with its gas fireplace, beautiful deck and amazingly comfortable bed. Our time in Calistoga was a little rainy, which made it super cozy to come back to an open fire with our plush robes.

Along with these added luxuries there is also a heated bathroom floor, massive TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime, champagne glasses and a fridge to cool that champagne. The private balcony deck off the front of the room is also a nice leisurely spot to enjoy some morning mimosas, if you’re so inclined!

best hotel in calistoga california

Located within 5 minutes walking to the center of town, Brannan Cottage Inn is an ideal spot for people that want to experience the local community feeling that Calistoga has to offer. For a town that gets quite a lot of tourism, Calistoga has really maintained a very humble vibe, making visitors feel right has home.

Brannan Cottage Inn is across the road from Indian Springs Resort, where you can also take a dip in the natural hot springs. Right next door to the resort is the delicious restaurant Sam’s Social Club. It’s also just a couple of minutes walk to the center of downtown, where you can find mud baths, hot springs, restaurants and local shops.

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Getting Around Calistoga

Another convenient feature of staying at Brannan Cottage Inn is the free Calistoga shuttle that can take you around the main town. It’ll also shuttle you outside of town to nearby wineries, so you don’t have to worry about how to drive home after a few glasses of wine. The Calistoga Shuttle is a ‘call on demand’ service that can pick you up wherever you are and drop you off to locations around Calistoga. You simply dial the number, request a pick up time and swipe your Brannan Cottage Inn card for free access. It’s the perfect option if you’re planning on visiting a winery for the day and want to indulge in a couple of extra reds!

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Visiting San Francisco while in the area?

fine dining and food tours in San Francisco

Calistoga Mud Baths and Hot Springs

Before the hip wineries and upscale restaurants became a thing in Calistoga it was all about the famous mud baths. And no trip to Calistoga is complete without a revitalization session in the mud. The emergence of Calistoga’s natural healing resource dates back to ancient volcanic eruptions, coming from nearby Mount Saint Helena, that have made the surrounding soil rich in nutrients and minerals. Long before American settlers arrived in the area in the 1840s, the indigenous Wappo tribe was taking advantage of the healing powers of the northern California hot springs and fertile soil.

The mud alone isn’t particularly appealing, but combine the thick volcanic soil with the natural hot spring water and you get a heated mud bath experience that will relax and rejuvenate any old soul. The best way to experience the healing benefits of the natural elements is to visit one of the many establishments that offer hot mud baths. Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort, located in the middle of town, has a super relaxing experience that everyone should indulge in if visiting Calistoga. The mud is a bit stinky (thanks to the sulfur) but once you get past that it’s a relaxing experience.

best mud baths in northern california

You start by floating in the hot, thick mud for 20 minutes. You strip down to your birthday suit and slowly lower yourself down into the hot mud bath. You’d think, presumably, that you’d sink right into it, kind of like a soup. But the mud is thick, and unless you wriggle into it you just sit suspended on the top. Wriggling around in the mud kind of feels like wadding through quicksand until you hit the bottom of the bath. Moving in the mud is slow and feels a bit like the dreams you have when you’re trying to run, but your legs don’t move fast enough.

It can get pretty hot and a little constricting, but if you take a few deep breaths and relax it’s actually really comfortable being suspended and encased in hot mud. Once your time is up you can wash off all the thick mud that has found its way into every crease and crack on your body…. I mean every crease and crack! Jump in the shower and scrub off before popping into a hot bubble bath to really relax for 20 minutes. After that you can add on a massage to really top off the most relaxing couple of hours you could ask for on a weekend away.

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Where to Eat and Drink

Aside from the copious amounts of wineries on offer, giving you plenty of places to drink, Calistoga has a host of delectable restaurants on offer. Right across the road from Brannan Cottage Inn is Sam’s Social Club, named after Calistoga founder Sam Brannan. It’s a charming restaurant that serves up American cuisine. Sam’s is a big open restaurant with warm lighting and a real homely local feel. The meals are massive and a lot of the food is sourced from local farms around the area, so you know it’s fresh. We definitely under-estimated the size of the food here and ordered too much, but it left us with a midnight snack later in the night when we were watching Netflix in our robes.

best restaurant in calistoga sams social club

where to drink calistoga california

For breakfast or lunch be sure to visit Café Sarafornia, which is named after a famous word jumble from Sam Brannan, who didn’t mind a few drinks himself. This is also how Calistoga gets its name. After a few too many, Sam Brannan said he was going to name this area, the Saratoga of California, but drunkenly said, the Sarafornia of Calistoga. Hence, Calistoga got its name, and this super cute diner adopted the iconic name Sarafornia. Food portions are big and well priced, with a good selection of traditional American diner meals on offer. The milkshakes are extra massive; so if you’re two people, definitely split one.

Those looking for a good cup of coffee, make sure you visit Yo El Rey Roasting. Located in the center of town, it’s a boutique coffee roasting house that produces only the best, organically certified coffee from around the world. The owner, an avid coffee connoisseur, also offers roasting demonstrations in the shop on selected nights. If you’re lucky to be there on the night you’ll get to see a local coffee master explain the whole process and science behind roasting, blending and brewing premium coffee. It’s an educational (and delicious) experience for coffe lovers.

where to find best coffee calistoga

The roasting experience pairs well with a tasting from local Olabisi wines, who have a tasting room across the road from Yo El Rey. After getting a nice pick me up from the coffee, drift across the street and listen to some local wine experts tell you about a selection of their reds. Olabisi Winery Tasting Room is a comfortable spot to kick back with a few samples from these experts in the field. They really know wine, and they love telling you about it over a couple of glasses! You’ll come away much more knowledgable about wine, and probably a little tipsy.

wine tasting calistoga northern california

where to eat in calistoga california

Another excellent place to eat is Evangeline’s, where their French onion soup is incredible!

Wineries and Romantic Getaways

If it’s a little romance and private time you’re after then Calistoga has you covered. Aside from the gorgeous settings and surroundings of rolling hills and stretches of vineyards, Calistoga has some amazing opportunities to spend special time with your loved ones. Private winery tours, romantic strolls through the vines and a few good bottles of wine are more than enough to set the scene in Calistoga.

For anyone headed to Calistoga, we highly recommend a trip out to Bennett Lane Winery. This gorgeous winery, just a few miles outside of town (accessible by the free shuttle), is an unbelievably picturesque and perfect for wooing that special person. You can start the day off with a wine tasting and tour of the grounds, getting to sample the wines, while learning about the history of the company and the production of wine. For anyone new to the specifics of wine it’s a really great experience to hear about how tiny grapes can turn into something so delicious. Whether you’re a wine newbie or an experienced wino, the lovely staff talk you through all the different flavors and make you really appreciate the complexity of the production.

best place to propose in california

A Moment in History: Samuel Brannan and His Namesake Inn

Quaint, charming and filled with history, Brannan Cottage Inn portrays the sweet small-town culture of Calistoga. A 150-year-old attendant palm tree greets you at the entrance before walking up the steps where generations before have stood, including Brannan himself.  The wrap-around porch and encompassing arches welcome you into an era of genuine hospitality. Friendly staff are at your service and the sitting room makes you feel like this is your home from another time, complete with maps of the original Calistoga, portraits of the Brannan family and an antique piano.

The Inn is named after Samuel Brannan, the founder of Calistoga.  Upon visiting the area, Brannan found the hot springs impressive. The hot springs’ healing powers were discovered by the local Native American tribe, the Wappos, while Brannan discovered them as a business opportunity.  Brannan, California’s first millionaire had already gained fame by establishing the first newspaper in San Francisco. Known for his love of libations, Brannan shared his vision for the new land to be the Saratoga of California but slurred a mix of the two names, ultimately naming the Calistoga of Sarafornia.

Brannan built a resort around the hot springs, which ignited the development of a civic-minded community, not to mention the wealthy who arrived by train to spend time in the country, away from city life. The allure of Calistoga as a getaway continues with today’s visitors, who make the pilgrimage by automobile for rejuvenation and restoration.

Tradition meets modern-day comforts inside the unique Brannan Cottage Inn. In fact, the inviting blend of genuine hospitality and local influence is found throughout Calistoga. Highlighting the historic reality in the context of one of the world’s finest wine growing and geothermal spa regions makes this a destination point for a conscientious traveler.

From California’s 1860s post-gold rush era, Brannan Cottage Inn is one of the only remaining functional structures in Calistoga. Today, the Inn retains its early purpose as a place for retreat; centrally located for downtown outings, fine dining, wine excursions, trips to the spa, and an overall sense of authenticity within the Napa Valley.

By VisitCalistoga staff, 10-10-16


Brannan Cottage Inn in The Tea House Times

Not only are we excited to announce Afternoon Tea as a new guest amenity, we’re thrilled to have this delightfully elegant experience featured in the September/October 2016 issue of The Tea House Times.

“Visitors flock to Napa Valley for world-class food & wine, stunning scenery and warm hospitality. Repeat guests know that this region’s greatest luxury is about making memories, celebrating unhurried moments with family & friends. With this generous spirit in mind, Calistoga’s Brannan Cottage Inn offers Afternoon Tea as a classic way to reconnect between wine tastings. This special added guest amenity by Kathleen Bakula of Mobili-Tea mobile tea service is a charming mashup of Victorian tradition meets Napa Valley style, served in this uniquely historic spot built in 1860.”

For more information on arranging a private afternoon tea experience during your stay at Brannan Cottage Inn, contact Kathleen Bakula, or call 707-942-4200.

Kathleen Bakula of Mobili-T offers private afternoon high tea by appointment.

Kathleen Bakula of Mobili-T offers private afternoon high tea by appointment. blog: Watercolor Dress

Watercolor Dress

Watercolor Dress

In case I haven’t made it clear yet, Napa Valley might just be my favorite place on earth. It’s my happy place. The perfect place to wear a watercolor dress, a maxi dress, or a ginormous hat with a big, fat bow. My recent trip was my third trip in a year and a half to wine country, and my first-ever trip to Calistoga.

During my time in Napa, I stayed at the Brannan Cottage Inn in Calistoga. This boutique inn has only six rooms – making it the perfect spot to stay on a romantic getaway or to rent out for a girls’ getaway – and offers truly amazing individualized guest attention.

Brannan Cottage InnBrannan Cottage Inn Breakfast in BedKendra Scott aqua drop earringsBaubleBar signet ring, J.Crew Factory cork clutchFarmstead at Long Meadow Ranch burgerCalistoga Napa Valley Hotel

What I’m Wearing:


During my stay, the Brannan Cottage Inn arranged the most amazing excursions for me and my friend. Coordinating with Luxury Electric Wine Tours, a local company that offers personalized tours (with a driver) using only all-electric vehicles, Brannan Cottage Inn sent us on the wine tour to end all wine tours. In a Tesla. So fun!

After enjoying a lazy morning (complete with breakfast in bed!), we were picked up, sparkling wine in hand, and shepherded over to Silver Trident Winery. Silver Trident was probably my favorite winery of the day. The tasting room is gorgeously designed (all Ralph Lauren!) and the sauvignon blanc and the rose were delicious. We then visited Quixote Winery, enjoyed lunch at Farmstead – home to what was quite possibly one of the best burgers I’ve ever had (pictured above) – and finished up our tasting at Del Dotto Vineyards (their cave tour is positively incredible). I so highly recommend reaching out to Luxury Electric Wine Tours on your next trip out to Napa… and definitely request Adam if you do a Tesla tour – he and his wife own the company and he knows Napa Valley like the back of his hand!

On our second day, Brannan Cottage Inn arranged for us to go on a tasting and tour at Davis Estates. Oh my gosh. If you have an eye for interior design (or just like pretty things), I so highly recommend going. It was seriously the most gorgeous winery I’ve ever visited (and I’ve been to my fair share!). Really just par for course on this picturesque, gorgeous trip!


Brannan Cottage Inn featured in

California Dreaming in Calistoga by Katherine Bond,, Jun. 2, 2016

“There’s a magical magnetism to a place like Brannan Cottage Inn…”

Napa Valley is a 30-mile long destination with rich, undulating hillsides. Within it, more than 500 wineries squeeze out some of the world’s most acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnays, Merlots, and Zinfandels. One of my recent favorite nooks within the region is Calistoga, a charming area known for its wines as much as for its geothermal hot springs and volcanic mud baths. Recently I discovered several reasons to fall in love with this spa haven town.

There’s a single main drive for all of Calistoga, dotted with quirky shops, celebrated restaurants and small town gems. Toward the end of it, just a quarter mile away and tucked nonchalantly along a residential street, the bright Brannan Cottage Inn sits. Built by Calistoga founder and California’s first apparent millionaire, Samuel Brannan, the cottage is a National Register of Historic Places icon and has been meticulously restored to its Victorian-era glamour. There’s a magical magnetism to a place like Brannan Cottage Inn; maybe it’s the light yellow awnings, gingerbread scrollwork, massive oak tree or the grand piano from 1880 that rests in the main room.


The inn, built in 1862, is undoubtedly adored by its current owners Amar Patel and his family, and is just one of three remaining cottages built by Brannan that still remains (the other 12 were destroyed). In addition to its timeless allure and excellent location just a few blocks from the main town area, the Inn’s daily continental breakfast with fresh pastries, smoothies and exotic teas is a morning treat. Eden, the head of marketing and the Inn’s resident concierge, makes sure every guest is well fed with additional treats.

A must-do pastime in Calistoga is visiting the area’s 40 of so wineries, particularly by bike. Rentals are available at the Calistoga Bike Shop, which offers comprehensive options for casual tourists to ardent riders. The friendly staff, busy the morning I visited, quickly got me on the road with an easy to follow map to Bennett Lane Winery. Many wineries in the area are by appointment only, but Calistoga Bike Shop happily arranges most appointments, particularly for groups desiring a day’s worth of exploring. Bennett Lane Winery is an impressive stop not only for its 37 over 90-point wines from every coveted wine trade publication, but also for its “wine maker for a day” course. The hands-on experience allows guests the chance to bottle their own wines directly from the winery.


After a morning of countryside biking and drinking, a hardy lunch was in order. Napa Valley’s world-acclaimed wines wouldn’t be as delectable without a renowned epicurean scene in which to savor them. Thankfully, Calistoga has dozens of outstanding eateries, including Sam’s Social Club, named after the area’s founder. Half outdoors, half indoors, the restaurant maintains a farm-fancy aesthetic common in the Valley with a massive fire pit, hand laid stonewall, and gleaming white wood paneling. Portions are generous and filling, laden with ingredients hand-picked or grown less than a few miles away in true Napa style.

Sam's Social Club

A post lunch activity ideal in the warm afternoon sun is Spa Solage, the signature 20,000-square-foot spa destination of Solage Calistoga. The all-white décor, manicured landscapes of lavender and topiaries, and idyllic pool give a heavenly essence to Spa Solage. It’s easy to spend an entire afternoon at the spa, suspended in a dreamy state. The spa’s most popular treatment, the Solage Signature Mudslide, is a three-part experience that unwinds and restores bodies with the area’s natural spring waters and minerals. The one-hour treatment starts at the mud bar where an attendant mixes a custom essential oil infused mud bowl. Once caked in the mud, applied either by an attendant or a companion, you’ll be escorted to the mud lounge, otherwise referred to as a massive dry sauna with fitted showers, where the mud dries and tightens the skin. The waters portion of the treatment is a blissful soak in a private tub, filled with geo-thermal mineral waters. The crowning third part, and honestly my favorite post-bike excursion, was a sonic nap in vibrating zero-gravity chairs.

Spa Solage

Though it took quite some effort to peel myself off the pool chaise at Spa Solage after an afternoon of lounging, I was pleased to make it to Evangeline, a quaint French Creole style bistro less than a mile from the spa. Seating is best outdoors amid the orange trees and vintage strung lights. The restaurant is relatively new, but has the congenial warmth and hospitality of a beloved local’s spot. Executive Chef Gustavo Rios doesn’t miss with Evangeline’s all-star French classics, from the brunch’s croque madame to dinner’s succulent foie gras. Unsurprisingly, Rios trained under one of the Valley’s most lauded celebrity chefs, Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bistro.

Calistoga, Napa Valley’s nook in the North, is reason enough to make an entire trip whether for epicurean exploration, wine tasting or spa-soaked sojourns.

Katherine Bond

Katherine Sutton Bond is a freelance travel and luxury item writer for She’s traveled the world and sampled some of the leading hotels and destinations of the globe. She often covers luxury events and technology. …(Read More)



TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence – 2 years in a row

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is given for consistently great reviews from travelers.  Hospitality is our reason to get up in the morning, our pride and our joy.  The highest praise we can imagine is a five star review from a guest who felt completely at home in this exceptional property, and can’t wait to return.  It’s with great pride that we share that Brannan Cottage Inn has won this award for the second year in a row (woo hoo – clink!)

All of us on our small but mighty hospitality team feel like we have it easy, given where we are and what we have to work with. This 1860 Inn is a gem of an historic landmark with a fascinating story to tell, and it’s been reborn with taste, style and imagination thanks to our visionary owners.  Our handpicked culinary, wine, spa and tour partners throughout the Napa Valley are an extension of our guest experience.  We take great delight in connecting you, our guests, with those true wow wine tasting discoveries you can’t wait to tell friends about, or set you up at a restaurant that’s the perfect blend of setting, service and knock-your-socks off food.  It’s all here in this stunningly beautiful and generous place. We’re happy to share a fresh crop of riches with you, every time you visit.

Art Deco Style Wedding Inspiration Shoot on

Jazz Age meets Victorian elegance in this vintage wedding inspiration shoot at Brannan Cottage Inn, featured on the wedding style blog  (How jazzed are we?!? Very!!)  Floral designer Tina Chiotti-Stewart of Calistoga In Bloom proposed this 1920’s Art Deco styled wedding shoot inspired by Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, with our historic Inn as the backdrop.  The shoot’s stylist Tenae Stewart doubles as our stunning redhead model-bride for inspired photographer Bob Ryder.  Be sure to check out the entire shoot…. the results are stunning.

Planning your own wine country wedding?  Brannan Cottage Inn is a uniquely romantic spot for an intimate elopement, honeymoon or proposal. Explore our all-inclusive elopement packages with Napa Valley Elopements and Calistoga In Bloom floral design; up to six guests can join the wedding couple for their unforgettable event.  Our distinctive 1860 Victorian, built by Calistoga’s founder Sam Brannan,  is a significant part of Napa Valley history. Once one of 25 cottages on the landmark hot springs resort which put Calistoga on the map, this National Register of Historic Places icon has been stylishly renovated as a modern luxury boutique hotel.

Accolades include Sunset’s 2015 Travel Award for Best Hotel Renovation of the West; USA Today named us one of the 10 Best Romantic Places to Stay in Napa Valley, and called Brannan Cottage Inn one of the Best Napa Valley Hotels for Honeymooners.  We can’t wait to welcome you for a romantic stay at any time of year.  Call us at 707-942-4200 or email us to book your visit.

BCI Rm 3 veil 8-27-2015 2-40-38 PM         Seated bride steps 8-27-2015 6-32-07 PM         Jazz Age sweetheart table 8-27-2015 5-30-29 PM       ChicVB

2015 Top Ten Highlights

2015 was a very good year! Our small but mighty Brannan Cottage Inn hospitality team was lucky enough to welcome thousands of guests from all over the world, help pull off some romantic surprises for engagements, anniversaries and significant birthday parties, and host some heavy-hitting media VIP’s.  We’re incredibly proud to share these milestones and accolades with you.

10. Napa County Landmarks Award of Merit for Historic Preservation

9. Auction Napa Valley: Lot 392, Super happy Napa Valley fun time with Jericho Canyon Vineyard

8. Robb Report: Cyber Monday Extends to Luxury Travel

7. TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 4.5+ star reviews from guests

6. Brides: Best Napa Valley Hotels for Honeymooners

5. Fodor’s Travel Review 

4. Los Angeles Times: Weekend Escape: Sampling the good life, pure and simple, in Calistoga, CA

3. Smithsonian’s 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2015 – check out #7!

2.  USA Today’s 10 Best Romantic Places to Stay in Napa Valley

1.   Sunset 2015 Travel Awards, Best Hotel Renovation

We look forward to welcoming you in 2016, whether it’s a first stay or you’re one of our beloved regulars.  Call us at 707-942-4200 to book your stay, or go to to check availability.  With just 6 rooms, we book up quickly. Happy New Year!

USA Today: 10 Best Romantic Hotels

By Dana Rebmann
Napa Valley Local Expert

Napa Valley’s more than 400 wineries make the world-renowned stretch of wine country the ideal place for a romantic getaway.  Whether it’s sipping wine at a tasting room or wandering through downtown Napa on the Napa ARTwalk, opportunities for romance are easy to find. But where you stay while you’re in town with your sweetheart, is just as important as the romantic ways you spend your day.

Napa Valley has more than 150 accommodations that should give you reason to get excited when you’re packing your bags. The Meritage Resort and Spa offers guests Tuscan-inspired lodging minutes from downtown Napa, but with so many amenities you might find it hard to leave. The Westin Verasa Napa has a name everyone trusts and is home to award winning La Toque restaurant. Brannan Cottage Inn is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, but with only six rooms, feeling like you have the place to yourself is the norm.

From large hotels and resorts, to small, country inns and bed and breakfasts, there’s a spot for every couple to get cozy in Napa Valley.

5.  Brannan Cottage Inn
With just six rooms, Brannan Cottage is a luxury inn that seamlessly blends its historic past with modern touches. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Brannan Cottage Inn is the only 1860 Samuel Brannan resort cottage in its original Calistoga location. Lovingly restored, all rooms feature Frette duvet bedding and linens, heated tile bathroom floors and illy® Espresso. On Calistoga’s many sunny days, the cottage side yard is a nice spot to enjoy doing nothing but enjoy the 350 year old Siberian elm tree that towers above. Located just steps off of Lincoln Avenue, Brannan Cottage Inn is an ideal launching point to discover downtown Calistoga on foot.

4. Napa River Inn
3. Solage Calistoga
2. Auberge du Soleil
1. Calistoga Ranch

Read the complete list here.