Modern design that honors the past

It’s not hype when we say Brannan Cottage Inn has been completely reimagined.   Much more than a mere renovation, in its new incarnation (previewing September 1, 2014), this 154 year old raving beauty will have a completely new look and feel inside and out.

The top-to-bottom makeover has been an inspired collaboration between the Inn’s new owner Amar Patel and interior designer Staci Giovino. The fresh approach begins with the Inn’s bold new colors of deep gray, sunny yellow, cream and brick red which celebrate the Italianate Victorian features of the original 1860 building and also carry over into the sleek logo design.  Giovino says, “We wanted the Inn to be upscale and modern in feeling, while respecting the historical setting.”

In her research of period wallpaper by local manufacturers, she found Victorian reproductions too stodgy but hit pay dirt when she “discovered a pattern that, while more Art Deco in geometry, conveys a historic feeling with modern colors. As fate – or luck – would have it, this pattern came in six distinct colors. That serendipity worked perfectly with our intention to create very unique spaces that are specific to each of the Inn’s six rooms.” Giovino let the spaces themselves tell her which color they wanted to be, walking each one with paint chips and handmade Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper samples at different times of day.

Each room’s furnishings are a mix of unique period antiques, and new pieces, like the metal bed frames, which echo elements of the stylish wallpaper’s shapes in organic ways.  Even the bathrooms keep the individual thing going, with one-of-kind marble accents in each shower. All these thoughtful touches are designed to make guests feel at home, and justly pampered, during their stay with us.

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