Let Us Spoil You… Tell Us Your Story!

It’s the little things that make life special.

Our guests are celebrating all kinds of milestones with us, and we love nothing more than making a big fuss over each one in its own unique way.  Here are just a few we geeked out over lately:

Cristina & friends

Girls’ Birthday Weekend
To commemorate his wife Cristina’s special birthday, Thomas concocted an elaborate ruse around a weekend getaway for the two of them, having secretly arranged for her four best friends to surprise her for a lavish girls’ weekend at the Inn, complete with spa excursions, wine tasting, dining, pjs and plenty of fun.  We love being in on these schemes, and were thrilled to hear that the birthday girl loved every minute of her surprise weekend.  (And Thomas is what we call a keeper.)


France Rose

Vive La France

A decade ago, Kevin, another true romantic husband, swept his wife Denise off to Paris for a big birthday celebration. Ten years later, their plans to return to the City of Lights for her next significant birthday were derailed by recent terror attacks, and at the last minute they settled on our Napa Valley inn instead. When we heard their story, we prepared a proper Parisian welcome for Denise, complete with tricolor flag, crunchy Bouchon baguette and runny French cheese to make her feel at home.

Nathan & Ava

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Baby Ava helped her parents Nathan & Katelyn celebrate their anniversary – by doing what babies sometimes do, like cry all night long on their first night at the Inn. Her mortified parents were convinced that the noise had ruined their fellow guests’ evening, but a friendly inquiry by hotel staff proved that the Inn’s rock-solid soundproofing let everyone ELSE sleep like babies.  Ava and her parents had a delightful rest of their stay, and Inn manager Eden got some excellent bonding time with Ava to explore the garden and look for lizards while her parents enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation at last.

photo 1 (6)


Our guests are our reason for being.  We’re here to make your stay exceptional, not just great. We proudly share our favorite experiences, hidden hiking trails, secret winery finds, culinary treasures and spa indulgences – as well as simple things, like taking a few moments with a baby, delivering a tray of morning coffee and pastries in the pouring rain, to celebrating a special event in a quirky but heartfelt way that’s just so Calistoga.  Every guest who stays with us is special.  So what can we do for you? We can’t wait to find out.


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