Introducing Sam's General Store

Introducing Sam’s General Store

What was once a formal parlor right off the main lobby of Brannan Cottage Inn has been transformed into a brand-new general store and gourmet grocer unlike any other you will find in Calistoga.

Owner Carl Dene and his team have turned this space into the newest Napa Valley destination spot for great coffee, pastries, avocado toast, and hand-selected items you can’t find anywhere else.

Come for the gourmet coffee, pastries, and croissants; stay to experience a living piece of history, and keep coming back to check out what’s new.

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Outdoor Patio at NCI and Sam's

Honoring this Historic Calistoga Location

There’s no other location as historically significant in all of Calistoga as this one.

The cottage that the store is located in is actually the last standing cottage that still remains on its original location built by the legendary founder of Calistoga, Samuel Brannan.

Cappuccino at Sam's General Store

Turning Sam’s Vision into Reality

You can actually trace the lineage of today’s Sam’s General Store all the way back to the Gold Rush. Brannan figured out a way to turn the gold rush into a fortune—but not by mining for gold. He decided to open a mercantile (aka general store) where he sold tools, supplies, and other goods to miners.

Brannan kept building his businesses, investing wisely, and building his empire, which would eventually include the legendary Calistoga Hot Springs resort.

Sam's General in 1862

The Rich History of Sam’s General Store

Because Brannan Cottage Inn is truly the last remaining cottage left standing on the original location that Sam Brannan built it on, we thought it deserved more attention. Hence, Sam’s General Store.

It is, after all, where Calistoga started in 1862, making it a perfect place to start your experience of the town today.

We hope that you’ll stop in soon to enjoy a cup of coffee, a pastry, and fascinating conversation to learn more about this living piece of history right here in Calistoga.

For more info, hours, and directions visit:

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