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Recharge + Relax

Authentic Calistoga
Spa Experience

Brannan Cottage Inn is within easy walking distance of many spas where you can recharge with your own personalized health and beauty regimen.

Contact us and our concierge can help you put together the perfect spa day.

Mud Bath
Relax, it’s Calistoga

About the Hot Springs

For centuries, people have flocked to the region to let the local hot springs soak their ills away, and today the three Ms — massage, mineral waters, and mud baths — are still a don’t-miss. Calistoga’s hot springs and mineral pools offer a plethora of health benefits! It’s no wonder people have been flocking to them for centuries from all around the world.

The hot springs were originally discovered when the native people, the Wappo tribe, first settled in Calistoga over 8,000 years ago. The Wappo used to call the land coo-lay-no-maock, meaning the “oven place,” and would soak and steam in the baths, taking in the healing powers of the waters.

The calcium and sodium bicarbonate minerals can also improve blood circulation, promote sleep, and reduce stress.

Hot Springs
Therapeutic Benefits

The technical term for the therapeutic benefits of the hot springs and mineral pools is known as balneotherapy. Its benefits sooth many ailments:

Deep muscle relaxation
Rheumatoid arthritis
Back pain
Back pain
Psoriasis & other skin conditions
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